February 23, 2016 | Posted in:Beauty Recepies

The are several ways to use shea butter when making homemade soaps. If you want your soap to have fluffy lather, it’s recommended that you use shea butter at 3 – 5 percent of your entire recipe. Because shea butter has up to 11% of unsaponifiables, you don’t really have to use all that much in your recipe to make sure you get the benefits.

An important thing to consider is that shea butter is very sensitive to heat. So if you heat it wrong it will get grainy, no matter what product you use it in.  “From Nature With Love” has a whole article on avoiding crystallization and graininess when melting shea butter and other vegetable butters. These soaps could last about two years with the proper storage.  Keep in mind to prolong the shelf life of your Shea butter soaps after following the recipe, store the soaps in a cool place.


  • 50% olive oil
  • 20% coconut oil
  • 25% palm oil
  • 5% shea butter

Follow standard soap making procedures.

There is no “maximum” amount of shea butter you can use — but just like with any other butters, oils or additives, you have to keep in mind how your ingredients properties may affect the overall outcome of your soap. How much shea you add to get the desired affect depends on what other oils are in your formula.